An Introduction to Kabbalistic Tarot Associations

An Introduction to Kabbalistic Tarot Associations

There’s plenty of hypothesis in regards to the origin of the tarot, nonetheless fashionable scholarship is beginning to disprove lots of the myths. Tarot and Kabbalah developed individually from one another and their mixture is comparatively latest, being traced to varied esoteric and occult societies within the late 19th century.

I met a rabbi who was outraged that I used to be utilizing the Tarot as a technique of finding out Kabbalah and my solely retort to his fairly legitimate objections was, “however it works”

The construction of the Tarot lends itself amazingly properly to placement on the Tree of Life.

This can be a main assist for studying card meanings for divination or path-working.

The 22 playing cards of the Main Arcana correspond to the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. Which card associates to which letter will depend on the task of place to the Zero card, Le Mat/The Idiot. Totally different esoteric colleges have disagreed in regards to the correct placement of this card, however for this put up I will probably be putting The Idiot with its worth of zero earlier than the one. That is the popular association of Court docket De Gebelin, and Paul Foster Case, and follows the pure order of numbers present in each Pythagorean and Qabbalistic methods.

The first Kabbalistic glyph utilized in western esoteric traditions is a diagram known as The Tree of Life. It’s an association of 10 spheres or sephiroth that showcase and clarify how an unmanifest and infinite being has taken on an finite and manifest facet via emanation.

These 10 spheres are joined by 22 inter connecting paths labeled 11-32.
As a result of every Main Arcana card additionally refers to a Hebrew letter every card may be positioned on one of many 22 paths. The divinatory that means and the traits of every Main Arcana card may be decided via the trail they’re positioned upon.

The 10 sephiroth signify goal states of consciousness and are related to the Minor Arcana playing cards of the identical quantity. On the above diagram the aces correspond to the one in Kether/Crown. The Aces thus signify essentially the most concentrated energy of their respective fits, though this energy is usually unmanifest. Plenty of Aces can point out sturdy potential however minimal motion. They’re properly aspected for origins and beginnings of endeavors, however much less properly aspected for somebody trying to end a undertaking or transfer a relationship ahead. Working prime to backside, left to proper on the tree we get knowledge with 2’s, understanding with three’s, mercy with four’s, and severity with 5’s. This affiliation continues progressively till lastly reaching Kingdom in 10. It’s the last stage of emanation and represents the conclusion or completeness.

The that means of any of the Minor Arcana playing cards numbered 1-10 may be decided by matching the traits of their go well with, with the attribute of their location on the Tree of Life.

There are a number of strategies for figuring out Minor Arcana court docket card meanings, however the easiest is to affiliate them to the 4 worlds of Kabbalah.

Kings = Atziluth the Archetypal World (World of Emanations) or Divine World
Queens = Briah the Inventive World or World of Thrones
Knights =Yetsirah the Formative World
Pages = Assiah the Manifest World

Getting again to The 22 playing cards of the Main Arcana they signify the subjective consciousness used to journey between the sephiroth and every path has a Hebrew letter and a corresponding tarot trump.

11th Path: Aleph/The Idiot connects Chokmah to Kether
Keynote: The purpose of all starting and endings, fact laughter and bliss. The primary flash of the lighting of manifestation.

12th Path: Beth/The Magician connects Binah to Kether
Keynote: From the supply of type to the essence of formlessness, the soul travels conjoining the facility of turning into with the character of being.

13th Path: Ghimel/The Excessive Priestess connects Tiphareth to Kether
Keynote: The Girl-Soul leadeth upward and onward

14th Path: Daleth/The Empress connects Binah to Chokmah
Keynote: Uniting Knowledge the supernal father with underrstanding the supernal mom. The last word root of all love, affection, and want for union.

15th Path: Heh/The Emperor connects Tiphareth to Chokmah
Keynote: The harmonious situation of enlightenment permits the soul to journey to the supply of Divine Love, which is the inseminating precept of all creation

16th Path Vav/The Hierophant connects Chesed to Chokmah
Keynote: Genuine compasion unting love with knowledge.

17th Path: Zayn/The Lovers connects Tiphareth to Binah
Keynote: Whenever you make the 2 into one so the male is now not male, and the feminine is now not feminine. Of their unity then shall you enter the Kingdom

18th Path: Cheth/The Chariot connects Geburah to Binah
Keynote: Take unto you the entire armor of God, that ye might be able to face up to within the evil day, and having accomplished all, to face Eph 6:13

19th Path: Teth/Power connects Geburah to Chesed
Keynote: Taming the beast the balancing of mercy and severity is achieved.

20th Path: Yod/The Hermit connects Tiphareth to Chesed
Keynote: Present process the loneliness of getting sacrificed all one was with out but having change into what they shall be.

21st Path: Kaph/The Wheel of Fortune connects Netzach to Chesed
Keynote: Progressing from the lesser fortune of human emotion to the larger fortune of divine benevolence.

22nd Path: Lamed/Justice connects Tiphareth to Geburah
Keynote: From the way in which station of balanced magnificence, we transfer to the precept of severity, and whereas doing so karmic forces of purification topic us to thorough judgment.

23rd Path: Mem/The Hanged Man connects Hod to Geburah
Keynote: From the sphere of considering we ascend to the precept of cruel, unbending management.

24th Path: Nun/Loss of life connects Netzach to Tipareth
Keynote: Solely the empty cup may be stuffed. The issues of this world should go away for our hearts to be stuffed with divine love.

25th Path : Samech/Temperance connects Yesod to Tipareth
Keynote: Correctly balanced between mind and feeling, the soul calls on the important power to propel it into the area of consciousness the place divine illumination happens.

26th Path: Ayin/The Satan connects Hod to Tiphareth
Keynote: From consciousness of the world we transfer to knowledge of God. We free ourselves of delusion with a purpose to attain the sweetness and splendor of divine illumination

27th Path: Peh/The Tower connects Hod to Netzach
Keynote: Thoughts and emotion, type and life, when joined collectively generate implacable battle that may solely be resolved by elevating consciosness to superior ranges.

28th Path: Tzaddi/ The Star connects Yesod to Netzach
Keynote: Very important power flows into feeling. By energizing emotion, it creates a situation whereby highest steering turns into accesible, becoming a member of the emotions of character with divine emotion.

29th Path: Quoph/The Moon connects Malkuth to Netzach
Keynote: From bodily being we rise to the notice of our emotional nature

30th Path: Resh/The Solar connects Yesod to Hod
Keynote: Becoming a member of the ideas of important power with that of the mind, the thoughts turns into stuffed with nice, triumphant power

31st Path: Shin/Judgement connects Malkuth to Hod
Keynote: Our complete being is renewed when, relinquishing our attachment to physicality, we enter the realm of enlightened thoughts.

32nd Path: Tav/The World connects Malkuth to Yesod.
Keynote: From imprisonment in type we rise to the consciousness of important power.

* The paths are listed in numerical order as a result of this put up is generally coping with divination. For meditative pathworking functions we begin in Malkuth and ascend in the direction of Kether. The precise order of the Idiot’s Pilgrimage or Royal Street used to do that will depend on the esoteric beliefs one subscribes to, however I ascend the paths within the following order: 32, 29, 31, 30, 28, 27, 25, 26, 24,22, 20, 19, 23, 21, 13, 17, 15, 18, 16, 14, 12, 11.

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